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Wolf Beats is composed of 3 branches:


Our Management branch exists to help upcoming musicians further their careers. As their agents, we help guide our artists through the commercial and financial decisions that come with the growth of a professional career.

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Wolf Beats Media, our record label, was created to offer listeners music they could use for their projects as well as to help newer artists launch their musical careers. We strive to be open to creativity for both artists and fans.

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Our Administrative branch is our way to help out our fellow friends in the music industry. We provide all the administrative needs for multiple record labels, giving the owners a worry-free and stress-free state of mind.

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wolf beats management

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nitro fun

"Their team is super friendly and they always try to remain in touch with you and update you with whatever they're working on for you. They're always working non-stop to boost your career and always do their best to promote your releases. I love them."


"Wolf Beats has really helped me find the direction of my music and my future. Honestly I have no idea what i would be doing without them"

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wolf beats administrative

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Radiokid Records

Radiokid Records was added to our Administrative roster mid 2015. Since then we have been working hard to relaunch their dormant record label and have secured spots in compilation records and multiple media sources.

Funky Way

Mohammed, the owner of the popular YouTube channel "Funky Panda" contacted Wolf Beats Administrative to help launch his record label. By allowing us to handle all the paperwork and back-end system, Mohammed can focus on his growing YouTube channel and school work.

Wolf Beats Media

Wolf Beats Media is our own record label. It was the first label in our Administrative branch to adopt our Public Music License allowing the public use of its releases by its fans. This new method of licensing gives greater freedom and room for creators everywhere. Besides being beneficial to its followers, Wolf Beats Media has been used as a launching platform for many new electronic musicians.

Maverick's Playlist

Jordan from Maverick's Playlist was having a hard time running his record label while being short-staffed. Now that he has joined the Wolf Beats brand, he can count on our team to handle every aspect of his label to make sure it continues growing steadily.

Funky Panda

Happy with our work on Funky Way, Mo reached out to us for help running the back end of his YouTube Channel, Funky Panda. Wolf Beats Administrative has helped him with branding, marketing, scheduling, and maintenance. As well as helping grow his audience by reaching out to partnerships and influencers. We are happy to have joined the Funky Panda team and we look forward to many great things to come!

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